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Earthquake in Japan: people caught near the escombros more help in social networks

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The governance of Japan I confirmed this month that there are at least six people atrapadas debajo de los escombros that left it earthquake of 7.6 which protected the country during New Year. According to the authorities, the most affected city is the Wajima, where six inhabitants quedared sepultados low in their own houses, this due to the fact that the locality is very close to the epicenter of the fear.

On the other hand, the Servicio Geológico de Estados Unidos (USGS, by its acronym in English) informed that the earthquake You find the epicenter in the Noto region, in the Ishikawa prefecture, look for 16:10 hours (local time). Through the social media, images circulate that show it destruction Occasionated by the fear, as alarming messages from people wishing to move forward atrapadas in the derrumbes.

The calls for help were heard across Twitter. Photo: captura de pantalla.

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How many people were catching traps below the escombros?

Now, the total number of people who queried is unknown atrapadas among the escapees caused by the earthquake. The governance of Japan He only informed about six inhabitants of Wajima who remain low on their lives. However, the figure could increase with the passing of the hours, as in the social circles, we continue to report different occasional ailments due to this telephone movement.

Please mention that the authorities are working to save you people atrapadas, following information shared by the Executive Spokesperson, Yoshimasa Hayashi. In the city of Wajima there are officers of the Self Defense Force (Army), who are carrying out rescue work to assist the inhabitants who are queried caught about your own homes.

The people you have picked up are being helped. Photo: captura de pantalla.

Inhabitants of Japan are more comfortable in social circles

Through social networks, like catch the escombros. Now, the authorities have not spoken about these messages, they have only confirmed that there are at least six people in their homes.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), during the day more than two decades of reruns were recorded, so the authorities have warned that it is probable that in the rest of the week they will produce more temblores which reaches the Japanese level 7.

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