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Earth will suffer effects Solar storm caníbal when it will occur what effects it has

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA, issued a warning due to the presence of the solar storm that was forecast in the night.Caníbal“, due to the fact that this coming December 1st will have considerable power and will bring about negative effects on the functioning of communications in the planet.

The sun projects coronal mass hacia la terra affecting technology.
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La masa coronal del sol viaja hacia la tierra

This administration has been specialized in it space detail that there are four eyes of coronal mass (CME, according to its English acronyms) projected on the Sun during this week that travel with direction to the Tierra and the most powerful was on Tuesday 28th November, which marked an M9.8 category, which represents that only two tenths of it was contemplated within the most powerful of all, the X.

The solar storm “Caníbal” affects electric wires

Este phenomenon astronomical It will have enough power to occasionally have difficulties in controlling the electrical circuits and fluctuations in the energy supply. There NASA Also advised that satellites orbiting there Tierra They may also be affected, but the good news is that the Earth has a natural defense shield that deflects this electric wind towards the poles.

NASA has classified these explosions as violent.
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What is the “Canibal” solar storm?

Experts ensure that they are considered solar storm canibal“due to its unusual power because it travels at a higher speed than those thrown into space by the Sun, so that it is capable of speeding up. NASA has calculated this explosions how to proceed from the latest solar AR3500.

The last one storm It appears that the month of July 2023 will be produced, but it is possible that in the future more episodes will be recorded as this one in the next few months, so what is recommended does not depend on the totality of the technology because that’s what affects you the most.

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