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Durango if it freezes: amanece with low temperatures

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Este amanecer in the valley of Guadiana it registers -1 degree centigrade and the closed areas of the state have reports of up to 12 degrees lower due to the presence of the front of the ice 22 which is impacting the northern part of the state Durango.

Protección civil estatal y la de los 39 municipalities if it keeps alert Nowadays it’s one of the coldest days of the season when I come to the largest adult population and is exposed to the weather for a long time for this reason. hotels I am working on a permanent basis with doctors, medicines for cleaning and care for those who want to spend the day and avoid the hypothermia.

At -1 degree maneció Durango
Photo: Foreca

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MAP: When the front enters the 24th hour and will it be affected?

Winter storm will drop temperatures to less than 10 degrees, so why will snow fall?

The lower temperatures will continue

It is possible to reduce the condition of many people who have been brought up with some family members who are responsible for their relatives who have some mental illness and with this they are not exposed to the risks of the storm.

According to the forecasts, low temperatures will follow for the next few hours as the authorities will make prevention announcements through social networks and communication media.

The chill will continue for the next few hours
Photo: Archive

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