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Driver destroys car in Edomex and dies in full Navidad

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A man of approximately 25 years of age lost his life this Monday when he took the car he drove to the heights of the San José del Jaral First Section colony, in the Atizapán of Zaragoza, State of Mexico, directed at Tec de Monterrey. During the apparatus accident car, the unit hit the retaining wall and finally ended up rolling over a side of the road.

De acuerdo con los primaros reports el conductor hit a red car 10 o’clock in the morning this month Avenida Lago de Guadalupe and following the first investigations, the victim fell into a collision with the containment wall which circulated for more than 140 kilometers per hour.

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Why did the accident occur in Atizapán, Edomex?

The accident happened to the redodor 10 of the morning of this month. PHOTO: Captura de pantalla

It was full Navidad when the driver of approximately 25 years of age failed this morning in the San José el Jaral colony once the young man was shocked in his white Ford car, with PBA-13-01 plates, against a containment wall on Avenida Lago de Guadalupe, unit that was completely destroyed. According to the first reports, the man failed and no other person reported it.

Below are testimonies from neighbors in the area conductor I lost control of my drink due to the excess circulation speed; During the collision, the pieces of the vehicle were scattered across several meters on the backside. At the location where local authorities arrive, people who proceed to sort out the area. Following the first investigations carried out, el conductor he was allegedly driven while intoxicated, which led to him losing control of his vehicle.

Traffic on Lake Guadalupe was reopened

The excess speed caused the driver to lose control of his vehicle. PHOTO: Captura de pantalla

After the accident, the emergency services found that the conductora young man between 25 and 30 years of age, had lost his life immediately, until the time had come to know him identity. The circulation on Lake Guadalupe was undertaken to carry out the survey work and proceed to carry out the lifting of the body.

There investigation if used in the car, as well as the cleaning of the emergency area by part of the emergency bodies Atizapán. Once a large force removed the rest of the vehicle, traffic was again blocked.

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