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Don’t wait until the sauce! The young man returns to his pizza in full force and goes without paying

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El National Seismological Service (SSN) god to know the day December 7th of 2023 by the time the telephone movement responsible for protecting the city of Mexico was one magnitude of 5.7and originated 25 kilometers above Chiautla de Tapia, in the state of Puebla.

Videos published here social redestell me about the situations in which you come across them capitalinos desalojando sus places de trabajoyour homes or tiendasrestaurants, hotels, shopping plazas, etcetera; but no one was as fearful as some of the people who were there with everything and sauce.

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Return to full evacuation of the building. Credit: TikTok / Colchons Pizza

Security camera captured the moment when a person experiences the earthquake with all the pizzas in the car

In the video you can clearly see everything in the shop salen runningboth customers and managers and those responsible for it pizzeria; there are four people on a table, they have so many rebanadas even, dos más on the other table with average bandaja de comida.

Once ready, a new item appears in the table. He grabbed on open mochilaI extended it and echoed it all rebanadas de Pizza I can, but only on the table. Not content with taking a good reserve to survive at least what remained of the day, he will take one bottle de sauce para complementary.

The social leaders did not forgive the person who took the pizzas on their bike

The video quickly accumulated thousands of plays, a total of 29 million reactions de “Me gusta”, 267 comments, y se shared more than 400 times. The people did not show their courage, launching numerous comments, some in a chirpy tone, others not, against the basis of the message.

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