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Do you have it in your house? This is the jabón that most attracts mosquitoes, according to study

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Millions of people around the world have been victims of a picket attack mosquitosThese little insects that feed on the blood and that with their piquetes occasionally harass redness, sting, pain and heat in the skin. For years, there has been the question of how they choose their victims and whether it depends on some specific factor. Now, a new one study we could put them to this unknown.

The investigation – carried out by scientists at the University of Virginia Tech, in the United States – concluded that some people could attract more mosquitoes due to the type of jabon that they use in the body, as well as for the odors that emanate from clothes or perfumes. To get to the studio, the experts used distinct jabones and aromaswhich are applied on the arms of the people who participate.

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What is the jabón that attracts mosquitoes?

Subsequently, looking for the extremes of the participants, there will be three repletes of mosquitos and you can see the actuar of insects before distinct aromas. In conclusion, the investigators discovered that the mosquitoes preferred to kill those people who had used them jabones or fragrances with fruity aromawhile people who use a coconut flavor will experiment with a single pinch.

According to the investigators, the reason why mosquitoes prefer sweet aromas has a scientific explanation. In this sense, the experts recorded that the insects depend on the nectar of the plants to obtain some of the sugars necessary to maintain their metabolism – they also use some other nutrients of the plants to produce their colors. For this reason, mosquitoes are more attracted fruity aromas.

What jabón doesn’t attract mosquitoes?

Talk about it for what it is mosquitos prefer them fruity aromasClément Vinauger – assistant professor of biochemistry and co-investigator of the experiment – said that “by simply changing the aroma of the jabón, someone who attracts mosquitoes at a faster than usual rate could amplify or diminish even more of that attraction”.

He agreed that the aroma of coconut is the one that least attracts mosquitoes: “It was very interesting for us because there is more evidence in the literature of how to elevate certain fatty acids, as they are found in the derivatives of coconut oil, perhaps serve as a repellent of mosquitoes and other insects”.

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