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Do these clothes cause you to suffer from weight? This is what experts say

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Ya sean quesadillasgorditas or sopess garnachas It is usually an important part of the food of Mexicans. Its rich flavor and variety are often stigmatized as one of the foods that most often suffer from weight, but is it really like that? We count you.

Only earlier, it is convenient to mention that it follows the definition of the Real Spanish Academy (RAE), in Mexico the term “garnacha“It refers to the “gruesy tortilla with chile sauce and other ingredients”. However, over time, the word has broadened so much that we practically use it to refer to whatever food is sold on the streets.

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Do these clothes cause you to suffer from weight?

Garnachas are not what makes you suffer the most. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

De acuerdo with Miguel Malo Serranoadvisor for Prevention and Control of Transmissible Diseases of the Panamerican Health Organization (OPS) in Mexico, contrary to what they could think of antojitos mexicanosbetter known as “garnachas“These are not the main causes of overweight.

And according to the specialist, those who have been around for many years have been around since overweight and obesity began to increase in incidence due to another important factor: the so-called ultra-processed foods. What do we refer to with him?

Ultra-processed products: the true problem

What really makes people gain weight are “ultra-processed” products. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

Based on information shared by them Federal Government of Mexicothe products “ultra-processed“These are all those that are prepared with the basis of certain extra substances or derivatives of certain foods. Please note that their formulas contain certain elements that bring out colors or flavours. Just to provide a few examples, the following are included in this list:

  • galletas
  • pasteles
  • jugos
  • refreshes
  • papas fritas
  • chocolates
  • sweets
  • helados

Why do ultra-processed products damage them?

Ultra-processed products have a high level of sugar and fat. Credit: Cuartoscuro/archivo.

It turns out that this type of foods they present a high level of blues y fatwhich once again translates into an increase in calories which end in relieving chronic illnesses such as diabetes. In this sense, the authorities have recommended the same thoughts as the following:

  • buy fresh food
  • replace ultra-processed foods with traditional ones
  • add enough water

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