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Do pirates exist? This is how boats from assaults in the open sea are protected

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In the films we have pinned them pirates how I peor it of the sea. Persons they dedicate themselves to saquear boatsand I follow it without importing what you must do, from the secuestros, hasta homicides, masacres and many other things that do not come to mind; and you really aren’t very worried about it realidad.

Through a viral video TikTokif I demonstrated that not only pirates exist in the open sea, also, they are extremely peligrosos for the tripulations of commercial boatspetrol wells and included for the cruceros de tourists who tend to pass by the places where they frequently flock.

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Pirates exist in truth. Credit: TikTok

Do pirates exist? Tiktok shows the rawest side of navigation

The user ASRM Oceanwho shows the difficulties practically live by the seaon board a boat, God knows the moment in which the workers of a boat place themselves alambres de puas For the rest of the boat, there are also main accesses such as stairs, steps, and others.

Also use maniquís to simulate that there are people on the boat watching the horizon. Everyone is dressed the same as her tripulation, so that you realize that they are real guards. S doors They are not at all apart, they also have a lot of tricks to carry them from outside or from inside so that no one can be ruined. Por la mitad de la structureThey also display various artefacts metal dots.

These artifacts prevent piracy from reaching the ship. Credit: TikTok

These are just some of the tricks you have, so when you start looking for more videos on the internet, you’ll find out which ones include remote protection bases that have been set up monitorean in real time the location of the pirates to give advance warning, following the implementation of water canons which cause a very complicated visibility for those who try to leave the boat, and end there abort the mission.

Yes They are the pirates of Africa, known throughout the world for being bloodthirsty

European authorities have revealed that currently there are pirates, mainly from the African continent, who dedicate themselves to sailing the seas in search of their coasts, and who by routes like the Gulf of Guinea, the Red Sea and the Heart of Africa I usually have many commercial ships.

So if there is a boat protected by pirates. Credit: TikTok

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Among the most common crimes that involve the cometer, there is the armed robbery, from there, as well as kidnappings against marines or people, illegal fishing, smuggling and drug trafficking. The majority of them are armed with lethal weapons, capable of fighting them in front of security groups of the Navy of the United States or kings of any other country.

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