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Diputados avalan reformas para fortalecer al IMSS-Bienestar

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El pleno de la Chamber of Deputies endorsed the reform of the Fiscal Coordination Law and the General Health Law, to consolidate the federalization of the health system greetings para el bienestar. The decree that was approved in the general with 207 votes in favor, 167 against and some abstentions, was repealed at the Federal Executive for its constitutional effects.

With the established legal changes that the Fund for Benefits for Health Services will only be applicable to those federal entities that do not sign the agreement with Health Services of the Mexican Institute of Social Security for Health (IMSS-Bienestar).

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El monto del Fondo de Aportaciones para los Health Services if it determines it will fall Presupuesto de Egresos de la Federación Correspondingly, I will only sign it in the coordination agreement and then you will be transferred to the staff’s plazas and plants.

It was approved in general with 207 votes in favor, 167 against and there were abstentions Credits: Archive

Necessary approval

The document specifies that the approval of the minute is necessary, it may constitute a step to ensure that the employees of federal origin assigned for the free provision of health services are concentrated operationally and normatively in the person in charge of their army, as stated, IMSS- Welcome, as well as the spirit of a greater age within the efforts to fulfill with the service of medical care to all the people of the country. The established transitory provisions that in order to comply with the decree will remain effectives Acuerdos de Coordinación para la Decentralization Integral de los Servicios de Health in those federal entities that have signed up or that sign up to the Coordination Agreement with Health Services of Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social para el Bienestar.

Martha Estela Romo Cuéllar, del National Action Party He stated that Morena’s initiative breaks the federal agreement and legality because, as is customary, it does everything with the pies. He stated that this proposal guarantees good health, and signaled that he will only remain defenseless in the states.

“The real impact of this dictamen is that states entrench the federation in absolute control of health, it is decided, if you are a state, if your governor signs it convenience as is the case with many people currently, you give up the power to decide what to do with your health and care management installationssus insumos and everything to the federation,” I said.

Expressed that, if they do not sign, they undertake the obligation to carry out cargo economically with own recursos and with the impuestos they will end it by paying without the recursos of the federal government.

If necessary, correct past errors

Por Morena, Daniel García indicated that the current government received a country in ruins with high indices of corruption y a system of healthy devastatedabandoned and decomposed, a situation that seeks to correct the flaws of the past.

“Además, avoid triangulation of the returns that generate delays, subjercicios, affecting the performance of the services; brings certainty and stability to the health staff, as well as homologates the quality and attention to the users. This little one, helps to guarantee the right side greetings at the highest level, to promote that the quality of services is uniform throughout the country by standardizing the criteria for the application of therapies, the administration of medicines and preventive care,” he explained.


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