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Detention in prison for Derek Chauvin, convicted for the death of George Floyd

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Derek ChauvinThe Minneapolis policeman convicted of killing George Floyd, was punished by another prisoner in a federal prison in Arizona and was seriously injured, informed a person familiar with the suspect.

The attachment is produced inside the room Federal Correctional Institution of Tucson, a medium security prison. The person was not authorized to publicly discuss the details of the attack and was under the condition of anonymity.

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“An incarcerated person was attacked by the Institución Correccional Federal de Tucson. The employees who responded began taking measures to save the life of an imprisoned individual,” the company explained in a press release.

No employee was injured and the FBI was notified, I said Prison Office. They have suspended visits to the center, which holds 380 inmates.

Chauvin’s arrest is the second attack against a well-known federal prisoner in the last five months. In July, the deportative doctor Larry Nassar He was arrested by a comrade in a federal penitentiary in Florida.

Responsible for the death of George Floyd

Chauvin47 years old, was sent to the Tucson penitentiary center from a state prison of maximum security Minnesota in August 2022 to simultaneously fulfill a 21-year federal sentence for violating Floyd’s civil rights and a 22-year medium-term state sentence for second-degree murder.

The abogado de Chauvin, Eric Nelson, had to keep him outside the general population and away from other inmates, for fear that he would be attacked. In Minnesota, Chauvin was held primarily in solitary confinement in large numbers for his own protection, Nelson wrote in court documents last year.

The expolicía was sentenced to 22 years of prison. Photo: Special

Chauvin curled up on Floyd’s ass for more than a few minutes on a street Minneapolis weighing his pleas before dying, in a case that triggered massive protests for racial justice this year.

The grits of Floyd de “I can’t breathe” They were converted into a complaint from the demonstrators who went up the streets among the asesine. His death, which was captured on video, contributed to sparking an important discussion about racism and political action in United States and throughout the world.

Chauvin labeled the judiciary as a “farce”

Last week, the Supreme Court of United States brought the appeal of Chauvin against his sentence for asesinato. On the other hand, Chauvin is trying to overturn his own declaration of guilt, alleging that new allegations have been made that he did not cause Floyd’s death.

A subsequent investigation of the Department of Justice Under the Minneapolis Police Department, whose findings were published in June 2023, it stated that its officers routinely engage in violent and racist practices, including unjustified lethal force.

Chauvin attempted to appeal his sentence. Photo: AP

“At the end of the day, all of the justice, including the sentence, was a farce,” he declared from prison in a recent documentary.

The city of MinneapolisIn the state of Minnesota, in the Middle East of the United States, he also resolved a claim for culpable homicide brought by the Floyd family and agreed to pay 27 million dollars.

With information from AFP and AP

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