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Detained in Ervey “N”, department and subject who supposedly joined a minor in Iztapalapa

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Social media united in indignation over the viral video of a story, department of a departmental store, who allegedly intended to abuse a minor of edad in the street of Rafael Atlixcobelonging to the Barrio San Miguel, in the Iztapalapa alcaldía of the City of Mexico.

The video recorded that while walking through the area, he approached a girl, who asked her something, but immediately intent on touch it en contra de on will, as he embraces her; without embargo, the lesser empieza a gritar ya pedir ayudareason why the contents should escape immediately.

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Minutes later than before getting to know this video, I took a closer look, from which another security camera he got it look for the area, so that they can return to it identity so that the policy begins with the corresponding investigations. Thanks to these pruebas and the public body, give them with the sujeto presumably responsible of the aggression.

The item was identified as Ervey “N”, and he was detained by the Investigative Police in the mediations of the same crime from which the crime occurred, specifically in the colony Chinampac de Juárez. The item was presented beforehand Ministerio Públicowhere you will find out about the legal situation.

The prisoner could be detained for up to 6 years in prison for his participation in the alleged crime

Ervey “N” he will be returned as an innocent as long as no punishment is imposed against the corresponding legal conduct. The pain he endures is mentioned inside Federal Criminal Codein the fifteenth title, delitos against freedom, and against normality psychosexual desarrollo.

Article 259Bis indicates that one will be imposed fine for up to 800 days the person “with lascivious ends repeatedly sits down with a person of any sex, considering his or her position derived from his or her work, teaching, domestic or any other relationship that implies subordination”.

The suspect was detained in Iztapalapa. Credit: Cuartoscuro

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As stated in article 260, it is indicated that this will apply six to ten years of prison and for as long as two days the crime of sexual abuse is fine for those who commit the crime of sexual abuse, it is said, “whoever commits it in one person, without consent, or is obliged to commit it for himself or for another person, sexual acts without the purpose of joining the couple “.

“Para efectos de este artículo se entiend por sexual acts los tocamientos or manoseos Obscene corporal acts, or those that represent explicitly sexual acts, oblige the victim to represent them”, indicates the same paragraph. Also, it is agreed that “If you were to use the violence, physics or psychologicalthe penalty will increase to a greater extent than to its minimum and maximum”.

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