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Detained by Yolanda “N” on Edomex, I shouted at a woman to cover her husband’s wife

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Yolanda “N” was detained in the State of Mexico, where a woman runs away from a home where they support her exclavizadathey oblige her to do it cleaning every day, among other injustices that were reported immediately before the local authorities, those who started with the investigations.

There Tax General of Justice of Edomex informed through a press release, which Yolanda “N” cayó en Valle de Chalcowhere the agents fulfilled an order of apprehension carried out for the alleged crime of deal with peoplein the manner of receiving a person and maintaining it with the aim of explotación through the condition of the food for deuda.

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Yolanda “N” will seek justice for the crime of human trafficking. Credit: Fiscalía Edomex

According to the investigations of the agents, on May 30th 2018, a man who had not yet revealed his identity, spoke with Yolanda “N” to enter up pareja how I pay of one deuda money that she kept with her. From there the hell came for the victim.

Presumably, the accused brought her victim to a domicile in the colony Alfredo Barandain the municipality of Valle de Chalco. This is what is obligated to do domestic labs every day of the week, and in case of denial, he would punish her by causing harm to her entire family. So he kept it during two years.

In 2020, on the 5th of August, the woman was born moved away from home, but now in the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl, where I can escape y regress with his family members; además, I begin with the process of complaint before an agent of the Ministerio Público, and began to integrate the investigation into the crime of trafficking of persons.

During the investigations, the Jurisdictional Body released a report order of apprehension against Yolanda “N” for her alleged participation in the crime. They lograron her detention in the municipality of Valle de Chalcoand was presented before judicial authority at the Penitentiary and Social Reinstatement Center of Chalco.

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Once held, they will be considered innocent wait until one dictated it condemnatory sentence en su contra; it is necessary to recognize it in others another crimeyou can report it to the media at the disposal of the people through the General Tax of Justice of the Mexican State:

  • Electronic mail: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 8007028770
  • For the Android and iOS application: FGJEdomex

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