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Detained at another exfuncionaria of San Salvador, Hidalgo, for presumed desvío de recursos: Procuraduría

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Late this Sunday February 4th, the Prosecutor General of Justice of the Hidalgo (PGJH) informed above detention of MFHHex-directora de Desarrollo Social del municipality of San Salvadorwho supposedly stole hundreds of thousands of pesos from a local social program.

Through his social networks, Francisco Fernández, head of the Prosecutor’s Office, informed that the detention was raised as a result of an investigation into corruption for the sum of 648 mil 795 pesos from the program called Impulsando el Desarrollo in San Salvador.

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Credit: Procuraduría

Asimism, if he published a. Official bulletin in which it explains which elements of the Specialized Taxation in Crimes of Corruption executed the order of aprehension for the alleged responsibility of MFHH in the crime of peculated aggravated in the jurisdiction of the public administration of the municipality.

The arrest took place in the Casas Grandes area of ​​the Agravado municipality. Subsequently, she was transferred to the Ministerio Público for the alleged desvío de recursos. Given the cause of the investigation, your legal situation will be resolved in the next hearing of the Comes February 9th; However, his trial will not release him in freedom, but he can implore the precautionary measure of justifiable preventive detention.

Most detained in San Salvador

According to the official version, there are four prisoners in the Mexican municipality where the month goes, so on the first day of February they were told to three male people, among them a public servantfor the crimes of illegal deprivation of liberty and extortion.

San Salvador, is one of the 84 municipalities that integrate in Hidalgo. This municipality has a territorial extension of 205 square kilometers, it is said, approximately 1% of the territory of the entity. Currently, both the state and the municipality are governed by the National Regenerating Movement (Moraine) and have a population of just over 36 million inhabitants; Without embargo, the municipality held its own social development project which was allegedly sabotaged by the public function.

Most detained in this municipality during February

Upon investigation of the irregularities, the PGJE began with the necessary investigations to infer that the MFHH accusation could be related to the previous journey of recursos; However, the institution will follow the due process, with which the presumption of innocence is respected until a judgment determines the opposite.

Penalty for peculation in Hidalgo

According to the Criminal Code for the State of Hidalgo (CPEH), in the event that one is found guilty of the crime of aggravated peculation, the public servant is faced with the loss of his political rights, the incapacitation of the public function, prison and fines.

In detail, I say that if the official uses the cargo he displays for his personal benefit, he can impose fines of three to 14 years of prisonin addition to a fine ranging from 100 to 500 times the Unidad de Medida y Actualización (UMA), which could be levied as long as 54 mil 285 Mexican pesos.

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