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Detained at 3 alleged “holy” people with human remains and live animals for “satanic rites”

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There Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana de la Ciudad de México (SSC) informed the detention of three people to those who were not only decomisaron possible drugalso some animalis y a body inside a bush, all supremely used to carry out satanic rituals.

It was during the recognition and follow-up work when the agents realized that the three subjects, on board a gray car, tried to avoid the presence of the policy, además to behave in an unusual manner. Trans one revisionthey made a total of 93 apparent doses cocaine on stoneas well as actual money.

The Animal Brigade protected all animals. Credit: SSC

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Sujetos detained carry live animals and a body without living inside a tree

Without embargo, they also met cajas of cardboard that contained different ones animalis. The authorities of the Animal Surveillance Brigade met inside them with four cachorros of perrofour gatoscinco hens and at least one paloma. All were looked at temporally in the Xochimilco installations.

The communication published by their SSC indicates that the young people are 20, 26 and 27 years old; local media confirmed that everyone identified themselves as the same drug sellers in the Alcaldía Azcapotzalco, and members of a group that loves satanic rites with animalis alive y restos humanos.

Satanic rituals are supposed to be carried out

Llevaban live black chickens. Credit: Twitter

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All those who were transferred before an agent of Public Ministry, you will also be entered on your backsides of the law; It will be a young person to determine the legal situation during the next few hours, and a period will be given for the tax to end with the corresponding investigation.

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