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Desarman gang of house stuff in CDMX: found an alleged “halcon” that warned of empty inmuebles

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Authorities of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of the capital, announced in a press release that the detention of a woman que supremely trabajaba as “halcón” of a band of people dedicated to robbing houses in the streets of the city of Mexico.

Acknowledgment with the information available at the time, was thanks to various citizen complaints that can be given with a team of people dedicated to the robo of houses and departments; Thanks to the follow-up and analysis that went to the surveillance cameras that I could identify a red vehicle how part of the connections.

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Agents of the SSC CDMX arrested the police after pursuing a vehicle through the streets of the capital. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Define the modus operandi of a gang of house robbers who operate in at least 5 places

This car was traditionally used by those responsible for assaults. Huir de all the lives quickly and without being detected, you can return to crafts like the change of plates. This is how they could escape from at least 6 assaults in the last few months.

The modus operandi presumably begins with the person who was detained, presumably he goes to the house to touch the door and discover if you are busy or if the inhabitants come up during some hours. Once the woman checks for all possible means, she warns her accomplices, who they enter the houses to wear valuable objects.

The vehicle was seen last few hours there Verónica Anzures colonyfrom the Miguel Hidalgo hothouse, where the authorities acudieron to carry out the investigative primers; that’s how they met him on the avenue Military Engineerswhere the conductor who will leave will tell you about them.

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The woman counts with previous arrests. Credit: SSC

This is a woman who has records of arrest for her alleged bond with several robos at home in CDMX

These things were nothing simple for their agents, such as the leader of the unit here omitted, and on the contrary, I will speed up the march for a few minutes, resulting in a persecution that ended in the street Lago Zirahuén thanks to the abilities of the agents.

After an inspection of the car, they met and checked A short firearm with six useful cartridgesone Plastic bag with a green lid similar to la marihuanaa high-end mobile phone, with metal bars and circulation plates.

These were the retained objects. Credit: SSC

Ademas, was held by a woman 28 years old, anyone who knows how to know their backsides, before being asked to disposition of an agent of the Ministerio Públicowho will determine the legal situation during the following days, while the corresponding investigation map is integrated.

The same woman I will have fallen by the end of 2022; She was also arrested by members of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana, and was accused of being connected to the previously described events of the robo a casa habitación. The car in which she attempted to escape was also mentioned with six robo reports and intent on stuffing objects inside the homes, in the homes Benito Juárez, Álvaro Obregón, Cuajimalpa, Venustiano Carranza and Gustavo A. Madero.

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