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DeSantis has now been banned to ensure that children aged 16 and over do not use social networks

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Ron DeSantisgovernor of Floridahe wanted to cause controversy where these games played Senate of the state aprobó on the initiative of a legal project to prohibit the use of social assets for those under 16 years of age in order to protect their mental health.

The text was approved with 23 votes in favor and 14 against, and will return to the Camera Baja in the first step, having undergone various modifications compared to its previous version. De aprobarse esta norm, las social redes they must prevent those under 16 years of age from counting on the platforms and check those open beforehand, using methods to verify the age of the users.

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The law’s project against the social networks was approved in Florida. Photo: Archive

Stop the “addiction” to the electronic devices

The majority of these redes require a minimum age of 13 years to open a account, although they do not have much to guarantee that this provision is met. The project does not mention any platform in particular, but is aimed at those that reduce the activity of its users, allow them to undergo content or follow other content, and have a design with addictive features.

“We’re talking about businesses that use addictive features to massively manipulate our kids and cause them harm”: Republican Erin Grall said.

Various senators opposed to this initiative allege that, although the social ranks may be dangerous, it is the fathers’ task and not a law to supervise the use that their children make of these platforms, indicated the AFP agency.

DeSantis has been warned of curtailing freedom of expression

Ron DeSantis is criticized for his belief that he attacks freedom of expression. Photo: Archive

An opinion that DeSantis seemed to blame these games on the street. “One can decide that desaprueba or prohibe (the social reds) for children who are 14 or 15 years old, but the fathers have no right to say,” declared the governor.

The governor has defended on numerous occasions that fathers must have greater control over decisions that affect their children, for example in education. Some critics assure that the law will vulneraise her Primera Enmienda de la Constitución common state, which guarantees freedom of expression.

DeSantis himself alerted in black about the viability of the law, warning that similar texts in other states were blocked in the courts. A federal court blocked, for example, in 2023 an Arkansas initiative that required the consent of fathers so that their children could open a file in social circles.

With information from AFP.

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