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Desalojan a children’s garden for gas leak in Cuauhtémoc

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A children’s garden located in the colony Nonoalco Tlatelolcoin the hothouse Cuauhtémoc, it was abandoned once a gas leak was reported. This point has been transferred to the Personality of the Heroic Team Bomberos of the City of Mexico those who attended the emergency.

At less than 95 students and 15 teachers you will find that you will be left behind preschool due to a gas leak reported inside the plantel José María Luis Mora, located between the streets Flores Magón and Eje 2 Norte Manuel González. Until now no people have reported injuries.

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See you again the Secretaría de Gestión Integran de Riesgos y Protección Civil (SGIRPC) of the City of Mexico informed via its account of Nonoalco Tlatelolcoexcept that you were checked and no one was injured.

Bombers carrying out a gas leak in the children’s garden of Tlatelolco

El Heroico Cuerpo de Bomberos of the City of Mexico confirmed in its official account of X that the gas leak inside the Jardin de Niños José María Luis Mora was checked, he will continue to toast personally in the area:

“We inform us that we control the natural gas leak and we continue there,” they posted on this red social network. Due to the emergency 95 students and 15 teachers were left for the gas leak registered.

Repartidor dies atrophied in the Benito Juárez alcaldía

A department by application I lost my life and I was atrophied by a truck once I went out to make a meal in the hot tub Benito Juárez, in the city of Mexico. The accident occurred at the crossroads of the Northern Division avenues and the Free Municipality of this territorial demarcation.

Having learned with the first versions, the man of approximately 30 years of age, attempted to hitch a ride on a truck, without embargo, finished by himself rolled and if it hits a post. Until this point arrive the elements of the Forensic Medical Service the people agreed on the area to carry out the review of the scene as well as the lifting of the body.

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