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Derrumbe blockade Misantla-Xalapa road in the capital region of Veracruz

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A rumble hit the avenue on the road Misantla-Xalapaon the hill of the municipality of Yecuatlain the area known as “La Z” of the capital region of the state of Veracruz, where there are no reports of injured people.

This occurred late on Tuesday, December 26th, between the rocks and the walkway of the earth above the pavement of the summer road.

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The rumbles on this road are frequent
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The cleansing of the earth for recent years lluvias There have been constant incidents of deslaves in the mentioned area, where vehicular traffic is constantly interrupted.

Authorities in Yecuatla are working to clear the way

The mayor of Yecuatla informed that he is working on the site affected to free the important communication route that extends to various municipalities, such as Naolinco, Coacoatzintla, Banderilla, Tonayán, Jilotepec, Martínez de la Torre, Misantla and Xalapa, to mention a few.

“Para que tomen sus precautions; people who travel to visit their families in Yecuatla, there will be a truck at the point, to help transport them to their destination where they leave the place,” posted the help on Facebook.

Please note that crashes on this road are frequent, mainly during tropical rains and cyclones.

In this place there is a personal account of traffic and traffic, as well as civil protection of society.
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The humid occasion caused the sand to melt and this subsequently caused a part of the mountain to disappear, falling over the road. In this place there is a personal traffic and road traffic, as well as Civil Protection de Misantla, to bring the cleaning tasks to bear.

On October 16, 2022, at the same time as the curve of “La Z”, they hit the stones and obstructed the path for various hours. Una de las tragedias It was recorded in May 2000, when an intense downpour caused the land to slide and the rain fell over a bus of passengers. In this case six people were killed and you were healed.

The authorities of the municipalities of Misantla and Yecuatla asked drivers to keep careful when passing through these areas to avoid major accidents, since the humidity persists in the region and the risk of crashes is latent.

The customer’s assistant reported that as of 7:00 pm this Tuesday he has not yet been released. carretera Misantla-Xalapa. The municipal staff of Misantla and Yecuatla use heavy machinery to withdraw the earth and open the path of communication.

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