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Delfina Gómez presents Línea III del Mexicable de Naucalpan at CETRAM Cuatro Caminos

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Este jueves, the governor of the State of MexicoDelfina Gómez Álvarez, presented the construction project of Line III of the Mexicable Naucalpan, which will leave the upper areas of the municipality at the CETRAM de Cuatro Caminos, which will benefit from more than 700 million Mexicans, which will decrease in time from one hour to 27 minutes

El Mexicable will cover a distance of 9.6 kilometres, with 10 stations, strategically located to connect with schools, health centers and markets; hasta connect with el Metro of the City of Mexicoen Cuatro Caminos.

You will finish the race in 27 minutes Photo: Twitter @delfinagomeza

The governor noted that this project represents an act of justice for all citizens of Chamapa, a community located in the upper area of ​​Naucalpan.

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For being quality and economical, Delfina Gómez protects the Internet for goodness

Delfina Gómez is committed to protecting children, adolescents and women so that they live a life free from violence and open to justice

“This work represents an act of justice, since once we come on the path, we record that a few months ago we had the opportunity to walk and only by knowing that we realize the reality that our citizens live; I went to a meeting without breathing, at the point of collapse”.

Tracks for Mexicans who go to the CDMX Photo: Twitter @delfinagomeza

“If you think about what our everyday citizens do, when they have to go out of their way to buy tortillas or anything, how complicated it is.”

New Mexico will have 40 million trips

The Secretariat of Movement (Semov) state, Daniel Sibaja I noticed that the new Mexicable Naucalpan will wait for a request of 40 million trips every few days.

It is clear that the project is expected to be completed in a period of 18 months, once the construction work is carried out.

In the prior consultation I specified that in one first stop the Mexican will count with an initial inversion of one million 200 million pesos, which were authorized by the COngreso Local del Edomex.

I say that, as part of the work to improve the movement of the Mexicans, the north wing of the parade will also be rehabilitated CETRAM de Cuatro Caminos.

Photo: Twitter @delfinagomeza

“To ensure that it is intermodal, to ensure that old-timers with a single tarjeta are subaned to the Mexico, then suban to the metro and then to the Mexibus, it is a theme of complete renovation”.

In a private event held in Izcalli Chamapa in the municipality of Naucalpan, the project was presented before the ages; they assisted the alcaldesa Angelica Moya Marínas well as local and federal deputies.

El Mexicable de Naucalpan se suma a las Lines I and II of Ecatepec and Tlalnepantla.

The service will be free for the people of the third day; will also include accessibility for users with disabilities; y will count with free Internet.

Line III is a completely ecological service, operating with electric energy, which will allow the reduction of 23 million 800 tons of CO2.


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