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Death while studying in the secondary life of Venustiano Carranza, family members report negligence

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A student After 13 years, the end of this visit to the interior of the room failed Escuela Secundaria Technique Number 69 César Uscanga Uscanga, where, in the second version of the witnesses, he vanished, hit the question and started convulsing.

Go to this school centre, located in the El Arenal area, Primera Sección, in the city Venustiano Carranza from the City of Mexico, personal arrival from the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC) capitalin as well as elements of the General Fiscal Investigation Policy of Justice (FGJCDMX) to carry out investigations and be able to ascertain what happened and what caused the death of the minor.

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How did secondary school student Venustiano Carranza fail?

Unknown where the student’s death was reported. PHOTO: Special

From now on with a report issued this night by the cadena by N+, the best friend of the student wrong if he encountered it at the moment when he started to convulse. When the situation arose he solicited the support of his masters, who could not do anything, while a enfermera From the third day they soon helped him to put himself back.

The mother of the friend of the failing student, assured him that he was the one who called from his cell phone to him emergency servicesthe things were delayed in cases of two hours in arriving, so that at their arrival you could do nothing to save the life of the alumnus.

The minor’s family reports that his death was the result of negligence. PHOTO: Special

Once the incident was notified to you family of the faulty student, at the end of the last five days, they proceeded to move to the Ministerio Público to denounce what they considered a negligenceuntil 9.00 pm this time the rest of the students of the Escuela Secundaria Técnica Número 69 César Uscanga Uscanga would be prevented from joining

The diligence begins in the secondary school due to the death of the student

Until the installations of the secondary school were carried out personally by the police of investigation of the Tax capitalina, as well as elements of the SSCpeople began to carry out various diligences to determine what happened and to know the causes of the death of the minor and so determine whether it existed negligence.

Entrevistada por canal N+ la abuela del student He falsely reported that the nadie from the school asked her to explain the incident, at the same time assuring him that “the director does not want to be held responsible”. Finally, the lady assured that “they had a lot of problems in there school“.

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