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Death of Prince Victor Manuel de Aboya, son of the last king of Italy

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The prince Víctor Manuel de Saboyahijo of the last king of Italy, fallicio This Saturday in Geneva, Switzerland, 86 years after a long exile, he declared to the AFP about his father, Sergio Orlandi, confirming an information from the Italian media.

“His Royal Highness Víctor Manuel, duque de Saboya y príncipe de Nápoles, died peacefully in Ginebra rodeado of his family”, indicates a short communiqué from the Royal House of Saboya, quoted by the local press. The text specifies that the location and date of the funeral will be announced further.

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Who was Victor Manuel, the controversial son of Italy’s last king?

Víctor Manuel de SaboyaBorn on February 12, 1937 in Naples, he was the patriarch of the House of Saboya, who reigned in unified Italy from 1861 to 1946, and hijo of the last monarch, Umberto IIwho occupied the throne briefly between May and June 1946, when Italy transformed into a Republic.

The aristocrat came to the Transalpine country in the new years, having left together with all the noble descendants of the royal house by the Constitution of 1946, as sanctioned by the collaboration of his father, Victor Manuel IIIwith the fascist regime and the signature of two racial laws.

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Returned to the country in December 2002through the rising of the exile voted for by him Italian Parliament. To obtain it, he had to swear loyalty to the Republic, a gesture he had done for a long time. But the life of the prince was tainted by scandals and controversies.

In 1978 he was accused of killing a young German tourist, Dirk Hamer, in the south of Corsega. After a long trial, the prince, who cried out about his innocence, was abducted in 1991. Netflix narrates this story in the series “The Shadow of the Throne”, released on the platform from July 2023.

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In 2006 I was sent to a case of proxenism and the criminal machines that earned her a week of prison and a month of house arrest.

The monarch I got married in 1970in a civil enlace, with the heir of a rich family of industrialists of Italian origin, Marina Recolfi-Doria, champion of nautical fishing. Due to the fact that Umberto II opposed the throne, the religious ceremony was celebrated a year later in intimidation and with the sah of Iran as witness.

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