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DEA reckless fentanyl in bags with the image of Travis Kelce, new to Taylor Swift

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Through a press release, the Drug Control Administration (DEA) of the United States informed across its social networks that drug addicts they enjoyed the celebrations of Super Bowl LVIII to sell fentanyl on the east coast of the state, where they sell it in commemorative packages.

One of the many who carelessly holds the image of Travis Kelce in a red saddle. It’s one of the guys from the Kansas City jefes who’s in everyone’s mouth. Currently it is more famous for his relationship with Taylor SwiftFrom the moment the Play Offs began, he followed it to all the stadiums.

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Credit: AP Photo

Reckless fentanyl in bags with the image of the player Travis Kelce; Taylor Swift’s famous novelty is used to attract customers

The image is barely identifiable, but you can see it says the name of the wrapped playerand they are trying to put it up figure dressed in uniform and the helmet of the team, with the arms open, the front above all protects attract more customers who can buy the product in the package.

“Acaban to avoid #fentanilo on the east coast. Drug traffickers included will test the #SBLVIII review to attract new customers. This highlights the importance of spreading awareness about #OnePillCanKill. The DEA spent the week in Las Vegas with NFL Alumni Health boarding the problem”, written in the social networks.

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The DEA does not want to know more information about themlike the fentanyl category that can be confiscated, or there is an investigation against some criminal who is searching for the streets of the east coast, but it is more important for people to spread the information about the píldoras that are being sold this week in Las Vegas , para avoid letting youngsters fall into it.

Credit: DEA / Facebook

Clear that Travis Kelce doesn’t have anything to do with the distribution of this drugand only use images illegally and deliberately, with the aim of that young people feel a special attraction for the product and decide to buy it for personal consumption.

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