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Danae asked the man who knew her to dance in an edomex room

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Considering that I have been a refugee for 5 years of justice, this past week it is necessary to know about the detention of Danae “N”, a young man implicated in the asesino of a man on the outskirts of a night center known as “Bar Black” located in the municipality of Nezahualcoyotl.

Reports from the General Fiscalía de Justicia del Estado de Mexico (FGJ) report that the case has been classified as a criminal homicide, in the Vicente Villada colony. It was during an operation that she was welcomed and joined Centro Penitenciario y de Reinserción Social de Nezahualcóyotl.

Follow the text:

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Neyba was spent in life on a bald day after two months of disappearing

According to the security information titled “July 2023” from the Mexican Government, from July 2023, of the 17 million 589 malicious homicides registered in the country, mil 537 came to Edomex why it is placed as the second entity at the national level with more delicacies of this type.

Danae allegedly married a man who “sacked her to dance in the cave”

He transcended that the reason for the man’s murder was because he “sacó a bailar” to Danae “N” in the place of Neza. The victim’s action resulted in harassment with the youth’s companions, the children they were forced to confront him and star in a row on the outside of the bar.

Subsequently, one of the implicated men had taken a firearm, the type he used to attack the victim and leave his body to the outside of the site. After the crime, the group of implicated people learned the crime with unknown noise, the investigation continued on its way.

FGJ identified the woman related to the crime

The Mexican dependency identified the woman as possible, because she was solicited by the Judicial authority read the order of apprehension on your side; judicial mandate that was approved and honored by Agentes de la Policía de Investigación (PDI).

If the woman expects the legal process to take place inside the prison, while the authorities give her a sentence, she is found guilty of the crime. There are no reports of the other packages.

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