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Dad takes his son through divorce and takes him back as his father

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A man who refused to divorce his partner decided secuestrar His own son was killed by an anti-security unit Brazil Then, when he was driven to his home, he denied himself until the last moment to join the minor, because he was killed by receiving a shot in the front.

The regrettable things that happened in the state of Paraná, Brazilthis morning December 13th and the images of the operative of rescate of the little people who have made their way around the world, this is how they became known in the local press as well as in the social circles.

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Why did the man decide to seize his own son in Brazil?

Moment when the agents enter the retreat where the man meets the man. PHOTO: Special

The purchase, which was possible thanks to a camera that one of the agents Wearing his uniform, he recorded the final moment of the rescue operation, from the moment the elements of the policy they enter into the life where the father is hidden with his son, until the moment in which he refuses to enter at all and is taken away.

In the scenes you can observe them as they do agents they entered the house where the man met with the elder, immediately that the elements of security They were advised that the boy with a cuchillo in his hand would be taught to cut off the little boy’s ass.

Before this tragedy, the uniformed men began to warn them that they would give up their amenazas and if it enters, no matter what, it doesn’t matter. It was because, among repeated warnings, the officers decided to shoot them at the man in the head, which caused him to lose his life immediately.

Video of the rescate del menor en Brasil from la vuelta al mundo

The boy appealed to the agents and cut off his hair. PHOTO: Special

I owe it to the agents of the policy They grabbed the whole process, the grab was shared in social circles where it went viral and now God’s turn to the world. In the clip, for only one second of duration, you see how the captor, identified as Fabiano Dark Palacini31 years old, ended his life in the house where he remained with his son.

It was noted that, having learned from the local outlet, the younger man was transferred to a medical center to be valued and who witnessed the death of his father within a short distance, which left him in shock. Según el media “Marechal News”, el secuestrador I may have attacked you on some occasions to your ex-compañera sentimentally at some time, also I sent you messages with amenazas to intimidate them and desist from going to see their son.

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