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Dad committed suicide in Xochimilco where his wife claimed her to violate his hija of 12 years

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A hombre presumably he quit his life in the hot tub Xochimilco pertaining to the City of Mexico (CDMX). This is after what above it seems sentimental We met him making visits to his hija, under 12 years of age, at his home.

Through a press release, the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC) of the CDMX he informed that the employees of the annexe were told about the incident due to those who attended to the calle Monte Miramontes, of the San Lucas Xochimanca colony, the place where the event was activated help button of the site’s video surveillance cameras.

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How did I look at these people?

The woman went up to ask for help. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

I read with the information that has been revealed to you authorsthe woman He explained that when he went to his house located in the Xochimilco mountain range he knew what his partner — a 41 year old man — was realizing tocamientos a su hija menor de edad.

Due to the scene of violence that was witnessed, the woman I decided to go up the street with the goal of finding a better one. However, when she returned from a new account to his home, he saw that presumed responsible he was shot with fire in his abdomen.

What will happen with the investigations of the case?

The authorities continue with the investigations. Credits: Capital México.

Since the authorities took care of the times and carried out the necessary directions, he will be an agent of the Ministerio Público the person is encouraged to continue with the necessary investigations in order to clarify what happened with the least of the years and the man who probably quit his life.

However, it should be noted that women —mother and daughter— were looked after by the appropriate institutions with the aim of making their declaration, but they also received both the legal and psychological support necessary for the situation that occurred.

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