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Cruz Roja: There have been 23 million extra flights between two years of war

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In the preview of which two years of the new one will cumplan Russian invasion of Ukraine–24 February 2022– the International Committee of the Cruz Roja (ICRC) I informed him that he would like to express his love and the protection of 23 thousand people from his family members who do not keep any news, because they have been captured or asesinated or because they have lost contact with their husband.

“The pain of family separation comes to an indescribable loss and suffering. Two years after the escalation of armed conflict, human needs increase for many people, among them, thousands of displaced people inside and outside of both countries”, he said. ICRC.

Dusan Vujasanin, head of the ICRC’s Central Business Agency (ACB), reported that:

“Not knowing what happened with a sad person is unbearable. This is the tragic reality of tens of thousands of families who live in a state of permanent anguish. Family members must know what happened with their loved ones and, in the midst of it, possible, communicate with him”.

For the 2024 winter finals, the ICRC, in collaboration with Sociedades Nacionales de la Cruz Roja and de la Media Luna Roja in Ukraine, Russia and other countries, has helped 8 million families to receive information about the story or the parade of a ser querido.
Meanwhile, United Nations reported that more than 14 million people in Ukraine have abandoned their homes since the beginning of the invasion, of which 6.5 million people live outside the country as refugees.

In the field of battle, Russia claimed new territorial conquests in eastern Ukraine, demanding more weapons and municipalities to recover the initiative in a conflict at the point of entering a third year.

The Ukrainian Army also confirmed that it had killed 60 Russian soldiers attacking a training camp in the occupied part of the Jerson region, the second attack of this type reported in the last few days.

On the other hand, Denmark signed a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine for 10 years.



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