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Cruz Roja Edomex: Where and what price will the Pfizer vaccine cost against Covid-19?

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The Red Cross in the State of Mexico revealed that the void against it COVID-19 will tend to cost 785 pesos, it is estimated, an estimate of 100 pesos less than in the national market through different pharmacies, and the days will start the games. The institution informed that the attention time will be from 09:00 in the morning until 18:00.

The biology of the Pfizer vaccine, in its presentation for adults and children, will apply to the delegations of Toluca, Naucalpan and Cuautitlán Mexico in the Mexican entity, as well as in Lilas, Cuajimalpa, ambas in the City of Mexico.

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Covid-19 Vacuna: Where is the cheapest pharmacy to buy it?

Cruz Roja will sell Pfizer’s vaccine against Covid-19 more cheaply than in pharmacies

Map: where to apply the Covid-19 vacuna of the Red Cross in the Edomex

How many doses of Covid-19 will the Red Cross reach at Edomex?

In all areas mentioned above, it is planned to have 100 doses available daily, and interested parties will only tend to train to purchase it.

The Red Cross initially announced that the day of vacancy will begin on December 26th, but adjusted it to this December 28th.

What is the vacuum against Covid-19?

The cost of the anti-covid vaccine in pharmacies in various parts of the country ranges from 898 to a thousand pesos, so the Mexican population and the capital of the country can cost around 100 pesos.

The price in the mention is a recovery price for: cost of vacuna, needles and jeringas, which are special, and torundas and alcohol. Therefore you don’t want to have any leverage until you look for the organic part of society.

The staff of the institution will offer the service to the people of Edomex. PHOTO: Archive.

Who can vacate in the Red Cross of the Mexican State?

The organic product will be available in its versions for adults and for children from 5 to 12 years old, but for these older ones it will be necessary to present a medical prescription where a pediatrician will order the organic product.

Those interested must be in a perfect state of health, without having symptoms of respiratory illnesses for at least five days prior to the application, such as nasal excurrence, tearfulness, dizziness and body temperature below 36 degrees Celsius.

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