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Covid-19: what are the requirements for vacancy?

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PharmaceuticalsPfizer I informed you that your vacuna contra la COVID-19 It will be available this week at the main medical establishments in the country such as Farmacias del Ahorro, Benavides, San Pablo y Guadalajara. But, you know what they are requirements what do you need to apply the organic one? We tell you what you know until now.

However, it is important to mention that in a short press release, Pfizer informed that this is the only part of the plan marketing of its formula. In this sense, he explained that he will continue the venture in distinct channels among those that employ vacunacion centers, hospitals and authorized pharmacies.

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What are the requirements to vacate with Pfizer?

There is no limit on family vacancies. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

I read it with the information you have accessed El Heraldothe vacuna of Pfizer can be applied at younger ages between five and 12 years of age in pediatric doses. However, distribution to persons aged 12 years and older will be in corresponding doses for adults. Al acudir a la pharmacy To keep the organic products available, you should go back to what:

  • There is no limit on family vacancies
  • You must show what you are reading with the previous doses
  • No if you require medical prescription

Cabe mencionar que San Pablo Pharmacy sent a message there informing them that they needed to access it vacuna —which will be available in 77 branches in Valle de México, Morelos, Querétaro and Puebla starting December 20th—no need for medical advice. Or on the contrary, just go to one of their “Mi Consultorio” establishments and ask for the application.

In Farmacias San Pablo vacunación begins on December 20th. Credits: X.

How much will Pfizer’s vacancies cost?

The vacunas will cost up to around $1000. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

After four years after the first cases of Covid-19 began to appear in Mexico and the development of variations vacunas At the global level to prevent your serious symptoms, currently Mexicans and Mexicans can still buy the pharmaceutical formula Pfizer. Wait for the moment, calculate how the prices will fluctuate within the next few months:

  • Farmacias San Pablo: $848
  • Farmacias del Ahorro: $859
  • Farmacias Guadalajara: $999 upon application
  • Farmacias Benavides: pending

Are you taking the first Pfizer shipment to Mexico?

The Pfizer shipment arrived on December 15th. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

The marketing announcement in some areas pharmacies de la vacuna against the COVID-19 de Pfizer after the first shipment of the goods arrived in Mexico on December 15th biological. Through its social networks, the pharmaceutical company realized that the doses it delivered were “an actualized option” in the immunization process before illness.

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