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Covid-19 Vacuna: Where is the cheapest pharmacy to buy it?

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From last week, the vacuna Covid19 began to distribute in some areas pharmacies Most important in the country, this is where the Federal Consumer Commission (Cofepris) authorized the sale and distribution of the organic product developed by the Pfizer and Moderna laboratories.

Now, the Pfizer pharmaceutical company has announced that it has expanded the list of pharmacies where Mexicans and Americans can apply this biologic, which is available in: Farmacias del Ahorro, Farmacias Benavides, Farmacias San Pablo and Farmacias Guadalajara, following a press release shared by the company.

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Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 available at Benavides Pharmacies: here are the next ones

We are starting to buy a vaccine against Covid in Aguascalientes pharmacies

The organic product is available in 4 pharmacy locations. Photo: freepik.

Where is the cheapest pharmacy to buy a vacuna against Covid-19?

Cabe mencionar que el price The vacuna is distinct and varies depending on each one of them pharmaciesregardless of the cost, it is maintained between them 800 and 900 pesos in commercial pharmacies. Although the best alternative is to buy the vacuna in the Red Cross, since the annex is offered organically at a low cost, for less than 800 Mexican pesos.

  • Farmacias del Ahorro: the original price was 845 pesos, but currently remains at 799 pesos.
  • San Pablo Pharmacy: maintains the cost of 848 pesos.
  • Guadalajara Pharmacy: this section offers the option to apply for the vacuna in its clinics and costs 840 Mexican pesos.
  • Benavides Pharmacy: the chain recently announced that it will distribute the organic product at a price of 899 pesos, the most expensive cost it currently has.
The sales costs vary depending on the pharmacy. Photo: cuartoscuro.

Where is it most convenient to get a vacancy against Covid-19?

Today is the 27th of December, the most unconventional place to achieve vacancy against you COVID-19 follows being there Cruz Roja Mexicana, where it is possible to buy it for 785 pesos. Organic food is sold in the locations of Toluca, Naucalpan, Cuautitlán and Huixquilucan, Mexico State, Cuajimalpa and Polanco.

Due to the Covid-19 vacancy price variation, the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that his administration was regularly looking for the cost of the vacancy.

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