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Costco customers will be eager for offers from Buen Fin Puebla

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In the middle of them Good End offers and discounts 2023, In the state of Puebla, a violent attack was reported among customers of a Costco shop located in the Angelópolis area. The altercation was caught by a text and immediately went viral in social circles, until the reason for the scandal was revealed.

In the images that were published on This includes the security personnel of the company tienda and some users, you know what to do to separate them.

Follow the text:

Pasteles de Costco prices 2023: why does the company not sell to the mayor this postre?

You got out of control! Sale of pastries at Costco to end in coups between two customers

The problem arose when elements of it were added Policía Turística de Puebla, This is with the aim of detaining the conflict and not leaving harm. The clip lasts 50 seconds and the witnesses also participate by shouting the following comments: “Ya cálmense” or “Puros montoneros”.

Surgen theories about the origin of the skin

Considering that the exact causes of what he had have not been revealed provoking skin in the Costco, users of social networks have speculated about the case. The topic of controversy with the pastry market in this commercial context has been brought up, and it is assumed that it was related to this.

“La Guerra de los Pasteles 2023”, “My congratulations to the team that at all times we maintain the slopes of what passed” or “because we never want to progress as a society”, were some comments that were read in the social circles in the midst of the conflict.

Considering that the reasons are unknown, it has transcended to the local authorities in Puebla who are involved in investigating the case and analyzing the possible sanctions that receive the packages, all this in the Mark of a new edition of Buen Fin en Puebla.

That’s why the range of pastries was limited

There is no official version of the pastry market in commercial categories, but one of the main theories is the presence of vendors, Who these people decide to buy in large quantities to understand their shops. Prior to this situation, the company limited the supply of pastries so that all users have access to one.

One more thing is to ensure that Costco’s marketing strategy can be implemented in that there is exclusivity in the products due to the fact that they are customers with membership only of those who can buy, or maintain the urgency to purchase one before the apparent purchase of the product they see from behind the skin videos generated for you to obtain.

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