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Coparmex brings about the disappearance of autonomous organisms, thus continuing the counterweights to the power

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The disappearance of the autonomous organisms proposed by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador goes against the law by the generation of counterweights by different sectors of the population across various decades, so I ensured it José Medina Morapresident of Coparmex, in conversation with Sergio Sarmiento and Lupita Juárez, via the Heraldo Media Group 98.5 FM radio signal.

Destacó que el National Electoral Institute he allowed the impulse of democracy, el INAI He protected and gave access to the data, while there Cofece has regulated the competence in the country. All these institutions, I say, have allowed the power not to be concentrated solely in the hands of the agent.

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The government seeks to meet with autonomous organizations of various forms

In addition to the fact that the federal government has undermined the autonomy of some associations of this type through the declarations, the designation of officials related to the power and including preventing their members from being named so that they cannot obstruct the national administration.

He commented that the division of the three Powers of the Union is indispensable in the entire Mexican Republic to guarantee the rights of the citizens and also promote the development of the nation.

I ensured that the INE is indispensable for the protection of democracy. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro

Entrepreneurs address the demise of independent organizations

Medina Mora said that the entrepreneurs showed themselves in a frontal manner on the way to the disappearance of the autonomous organisms and also indicated that what is sent to these groups is no greater than what is enjoyed in public works such as the Mayan Train and generates benefits for todos los mexicanos.

“The government must not be heard and left.”

He indicated that organizations such as the INAI are allowed to obtain the information that the federal administration does not want to give. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro.

How soon will these organisms disappear?

Furthermore, in recent times there have been dynamic hubs that prevent access to information, democracy or alternation.

I commented that the failure of the localized mayoralty was the excuse for the federal government to seek other ways to implement inclusive measures against the Constitution to approve the plans held by the country.

I say that the sector claims that there are counterweights to the power. PHOTO: Archive.

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