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Controversy in France over Gerard Depardieu: they remove the statue and accuse it of violation

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France There is a period of protests, when President Emmanuel Macron came to the actor’s defense Gerard Depardieuwho has been accused by sexual aggressions and violations against various women. It was the night of last night when the king of the state declared that he considered himself a “great admirer” and gave her the possibility of quitting the Legion of Honor – one of the most important French distinctions – until she received a judicial sentence.

Macron’s words caused a stir among feminist groups, and it is most important that an in-depth investigation be carried out against the actor. Furthermore, dozens of activists demonstrated to demand that Depardieu join the Legion of Honor and all the statues of him were removed. Up now, only the Grevin Museum – famous for exhibiting wax figures in the center of Paris – has retired there andstatue de Depardieu, this before the negative reactions of visitors and the demands of collectives in social circles.

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The actor has been highlighted on several occasions. Photo: EFE.

Why do you accuse Gerard Depardieu of them?

The scandal against Gerard Depardieu began when the Spanish journalist and writer Ruth Baza filed a complaint against the actor in Málaga for an alleged violationwhich occurred in Paris in 1995. According to the official document, filtered in Spanish, the communicator acknowledges that these events occurred when she traveled to France to interview the actor from the outside of his film “The Coronel Chabert”.

Baza assured her – in an interview with medium Spaniards – that at the end of the job, Depardieu began to kiss her on her lips and lips, then I put her hand on her English and her lips. “I suddenly noticed on her hand in my chest and afterward in the entrepierna, I couldn’t move me, disconnected from my body because she had invaded me. I didn’t feel anything, I just remembered the smell of alcohol and nicotine in my mouth, no matter how long it lasted,” the communicator said.

The wax figure was removed from a museum in Paris. Photo: EFE.

Actresses also reported it

Following the journalist’s complaint, other French actresses have denounced her Depardieu por sexual abuse. In 2020, actress Charlotte Arnould reported that she was the victim of two violations by the actor, which allegedly occurred in August 2018.

In 2023, at least three women reported receiving “inappropriate sexual gestures or comments” from the famous actor. The complainants are women who worked with him in at least 11 films or series, which were released between 2004 and 2022, according to reports of the investigation medium Mediapart.

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