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Commando armado arrest against deudos en un velorio, hay un muerto

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A strong military and police deployment was implemented in the central area of ​​the city Fresnillo, Zacatecasplace of a shooting recorded outside a funeral parlor located in the municipal cabecera.

There army attack It was reported by neighbors from Avenida Plateros, who were fired upon on repeated occasions by detonations of firearms.

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Product of the shots, a man of approximately 40 years of age took to the public streets and, although at first he was reported as a doctor, the paramedics who came to the site confirmed the deadwhich was instantaneous.

Some of the assistants at the sepelium they entered nervous crisis and others withdrew from the place, witnesses of the armed attack indicated that the attackers did not fire indiscriminately and that the attack was directed against the targeted person, whose identity no one knew.

Attaque would be related to a multi-homicide

Inside the funeral home was the veil of one of the four victims who had been rescued by a tall mechanic from the colony Barrio Alto. Despite the intense patrolling, until now no one has been informed about the location or detention of the attackers.

Where to find out about the Tyrolean in the funeral home, the city of Fresnillo It was practically vacated and its inhabitants took refuge in its homes, before the fear of new armed attacks.

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