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“Comandante Bombón” Jefa Los Zetas converted to despiadadas asesinas women

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María del Pilar Narro López She was the leader of a special group of hitmen who acted as the armed force of the sign de Los Zetasan organized crime group known to operate in a violent manner, a method that responded to the narco jefa who was identified as “Commander Bombón“.

Commander Bombón experienced a rapid growth in the drug trade when Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano alias “El Lazca”, emerged as the cell of the cartel of the Gulfwhen the deserters of the Grupo Aeromóvil de Fuerzas Speciales (Gafe) of the Army were recruited by the narco group that mainly fought against Sinaloa cartel.

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María del Pilar Narro was a jefa of Los Zetas. Photo: Special

Which group will lead “La Comandante Bombón”?

María del Pilar Narro worked mainly in the west and north of the country. Her mission was to recruit women to whom she would offer an attractive pay so that they would act as “falconas”, people who monitor and provide information about the presence of the policystaff of Army other narcos who affected the operations of the Zetas.

After the recruitment as “halconas” of the women, the next step was that Comandante Bombón began with her training to train them to know how to use large-caliber weapons to act as the armed force of Los Zetas, according to the group of female assassins. I knew how “Las Panteras”.

Comandante Bombón was sentenced to 17 years of prison. Photo: Special

With “Las Panteras”, María del Pilar López narrates that it was a period of apogee in which she was the one who dominated including the low authorities who were amenazas or soborns in New Leon, following local press reports. All “Las Panteras” could operate as followers of the leaders of the Gulf Cartel.

Commander Bombón“She was feared by the same members of the Zetas and the Gulf cartels, the “cruel” form as carried out by her drug rivals helped her to suffer in the escalation of the organized crime groups that raised her to be the leader in the state of Quintana Roo.

The persecution against “Commander Bombón“He was surprised when the armed forces reported that they had been assaulted to General Mauro Enrique Tello Quiñones who was named as a public security advisor in Cancún. The hit woman was captured in 2019, having been accused of committing crimes against health, of a crime of weapons for exclusive use by the Army.


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