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Colombia suspends the purchase of weapons in Israel for attacks against Gaza

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The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, suspended este jueves la buys armament made in Israelone of the mayores proveedores de la fuerza pública of the South American country, through the death of a centenarian of people during an operational of the aid department in Gaza, with Israeli troops and soldiers.

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The spokesperson of the ministry of Salud de HamasThe Palestinian Islamist movement that rules in the Gaza Strip ensured that 104 people died and more than 700 people were killed by an attack on Israel against a large gathering to receive humanitarian aid.

“Pidiendo comida, more than 100 Palestinians were asesinados por [el presidente de Israel Benjamin] Netanyahu. This is called genocide and commemoration of the Holocaust, so the world’s powers do not like to recognize it”, wrote Petro on the red social Twitter.

Credit: Twitter official

Colombia suspends the purchase of weapons in Israel

At the same time, “Colombia suspends all arms purchases in Israel”, added the Izquierdist representative, openly in favor of the Palestinian cause. The post has more than 3 million reactions of “I like it” and has been shared on more than 2 million occasions, as well as 743 comments. These were some of the most popular:

  • “Señor President, it is time to break the entire commercial and diplomatic relationship with this genocidal state. Once again there are more states that do it”
  • “Toda Colombia supports this decision. We oppose the genocide. Thank you President Petro for having a firm position against violence and extermination”
  • “For these types of decisions, and many others, I voted for Petro and I feel proud”
  • “Court of international relations with Israel, please. Remove the embassy”
  • “President, please expel the country’s Israeli ambassador. You must hear a more certain precedent than only three.”
Credit: Twitter official

About the attack against Gaza

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The Israelis confirmed to the AFP that their soldiers felt “amended” and fired on the Palestinians, but denied that these soldiers were responsible for this death toll. The Israeli army reported “decades of deaths and injuries”, killed or killed by the multitude.

With information from AFP

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