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Coffee with bread and more cochinita, this is the menu you can order on the Mayan train during your trip

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The construction of Tren Maya had a large chimney. Desde amparos por las acusaciones de su daño al mediumenvironment hasta signals from above overcostthe insignia of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador finally came up to the light to toast his service and transport users further afield than 500 million kilometers.

The 15th of December the president of God banderazo de salida y los mexicanos they could finally realize why it was a job that required thousands of thousands of pesos and three years of preparation. From this day, hubo turned to the “Rodent Jaguar“.

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During his inauguration, López Obrador had to know that the first step of the San Francisco Campeche to Cancun, a requirement of 60 million pesos, and the totality of the project could reach up to 300 million pesos, but the exact date will not be published. The agent confirmed that they still need to complete certain steps of the work, which occurs in the sure stages of Campeche, Yucatán, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Chiapas.

El Tren Maya was inaugurated on December 15th
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Before the unknown as to how the operation and quality of the product will be servicealso the question has arisen about what will be offered in cafes and restaurants, since the routes can extend up to 9 hours, and the speed will increase to approximately 160 kilometers/hr, so that users have a high probability of requesting a bite during the course. travel.

What food will be offered on the Mayan train routes?

Destined to satisfy your appetite pasajeros, will have a series of carriages specifically focused on the gastronomic proposal, which will be influenced by the platillos of the region. From the official page of the train, the concept of the restaurant is inspired by the work of the modernist architect Luis Barragán.

For drinks, we will offer refreshments, cerveza, stuffed water, milk and juice from the valley, which do not exceed 60 Mexican pesos, and with a minimum of 28 pesos in the case of Santa Clara milk.

In the named wagon Xinbalit will have a similar price to the commercial ones, with the fact that it will be equivalent to your own foods from the cafeterias and refrigerators.

Inside the last car, Janal, which has a capacity of 140 people, has a variety of dishes such as cochinita pibil, black casserole, escabeche, panucho and black frijoles, so you have to know that the platillos will be cooked in ingredients specific to the southern region .

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Tren Maya will be guarded by the National Guard

Alrededor of two thousand 800 elements of the National Guard, five helicopters, drones and patrols will monitor the streets to safeguard the integrity of the passengers. In this sense, there National Defense Secretary I ensured that using this transport medium works as a safe alternative.

The safety routes will start after 7:00 am, the times will be composed of patrols and departures, in the company of elements capable of railway safety in the center of the Front of the Military Camp of San Miguel de los Jagüeyes, located in the State of Mexico.

How much will the boletos of the Mayan train cost?

Based on the information on the eticket.com page, the website of the Tren Maya To buy the boletos, the Tourist class has a price of 166 thousand Mexican pesos, while the class Premier It costs 862 mil pesos. These journeys depart from the distinct states that travel on the train and proceed from 7:00 am to 11:00 am.

To obtain more information regarding these tickets you must contact us at (442) 223 0423, and you also have the option of following the official label pages to find out the current details.

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