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Cofepris authorizes vacunas covid Moderna Pfizer

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The laboratories Pfizer y Modern —companies that solicited the health registers for their vacunas against them SARS-Cov-2 virus— more time is needed to provide the necessary technical information to continue with the process that is permitted for commercial use. This was informed by the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris), who also explained that now, the packed person is waiting to receive the different elements.

Through a press release, Cofepris recorded that on the 22nd of November it was revealed that it had solicited companies to provide the corresponding information to complete the request. However, now that the laboratories have adopted the proposal, “the group of examiners designated for this task remains in the hope of receiving the elements that the laboratories must support”.

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How is the marketing of vacunas against Covid-19 in Mexico?

Cofepris opened a call for some people to register health vacunas against Covid-19. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

It turns out that last September 22nd, the Cofepris opened a summons for someter to register health vacunas against the COVID-19 and thus allow its marketing in the country. However, the Commission has emphasized that before obtaining the permit, the interested laboratories must demonstrate “the quality, safety and effectiveness of their products”.

Please mention that in this process, the Cofepris he was committed to implementing a regulatory process based on the principle called “crystal box”. This information allows the population to know all the steps in the authorization process for companies.

Are you looking for vacancy in Mexico for this 2023?

In this campaign it is expected to deliver more than 50 million doses. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

Since the 16th of October, the staff of the Secretariats of Health and Wellbeing ran a national campaign vacunación as much against the flu as the COVID-19. For this stage carried out during the winter season it is considered to apply 54.6 million doses:

  • 35.2 million against flu
  • 19.4 million against Covid-19

It is important to point out that the distribution of the ambas vacunas It is more focused on people in vulnerable situations such as members of the health staff, adults over 60 years old, embarassed women or people with chronic illness.

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