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Climate in Mexico: When will the temperature drop to -5ºC on Sunday 17th December?

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Authorities of the National Water Commission (Conagua) y el National Meteorological Service informed that on December 17th it will move to the front number 17 to the north of Gulf of Mexicowhich will no longer affect much of the country, but will have other meteorological systems throughout the day.

For example, if you are hoping for a mass of polar air associated with the front of the river, as the humid entrance by el Pacific OceanGulf of Mexico y Caribbean Sea rains will be favored, and the so-called “event” will be maintainedNorth” very intense in the Isthmusas in el Gulf of Tehuantepec.

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Frente frío número 17 advances through the north of the Gulf of Mexico. Credit: Cuartoscuro

There are minimum temperatures in Mexico of up to -5ºC in the mountains of some states during the last day of the weekend

Due to the previous one, if you hope for one cool environment in a very cool environment They will love the areas of the north, north, north and center of Mexico, but little by little they will experience the temperatures as they get late. These are the states that will be presented lower temperatures extremes:

  • From -10 to -5 °C with temperatures: Sierras de Sonora, Chihuahua and Durango.
  • From -5 to 0 °C with temperatures: Sierras de Baja California, Coahuila, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Estado de México, Tlaxcala, Puebla, Hidalgo and Veracruz.
  • From 0 to 5 °C: Sierras de Tamaulipas, Jalisco, Michoacán, Querétaro, Ciudad de México, Morelos, Oaxaca and Chiapas.
If you are looking for a cool environment to keep your lover cool. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Maximum temperatures in Mexico will be as high as 40ºC during the late Sunday 17th December

On the other hand, you hope that it will happen SinaloaNayarit, JaliscoColima, MichoacanGuerrero, Oaxaca (coast) and Chiapas (coast) experience temperatures of 35 to 40ºC off late, while the Sonoran state is also prepared for high temperatures of 30 to 35ºC.

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Contrary to what has been presented in Mexico, there are few states that will present heavy rains on time, only Chiapas, while GuerreroOaxaca, VeracruzCampeche y Yucatán they will only tend to Chubascos and some rainforests in Michoacán, PueblaTabasco y Quintana Roo. If descarded. to completely cover the snow and water in the mountains or volcanoes of Mexico.

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