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Claudine Gay, rector of Harvard, addresses the controversy over anti-Semitism and plagiarism

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The rector of the prestigious Harvard University, Claudine GayI said on Tuesday 2nd of June that I would suffer harsh criticisms about my handling of the antisemitism on campus since the conflict in Gaza, as well as accusations of plagiarism in academic work.

Gay It was criticized in the last few months after information emerged alleging that it did not adequately cite academic sources. The most recent accusations were made on Tuesday and published anonymously in a medium online conservator.

But the rector also if I go back there controversy After being denied an unequivocal decision, the genocide of the Jews would be violated by the Code of Conduct. Harvardduring an audience before the Congress together with the rectors of MIT and the University of Pennsylvania last month.

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Gay reports being the victim of personal attacks and racism

GayMy story as the first black person at the mighty university of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is written on paper. renunciation who was the victim of personal attacks and racism.

“It was complicated to see how it was asked of me compromised to face hatred and defend academic rigor… and aterrador will be the object of personal attacks and amenazas powered by electricity racist“, he wrote Gay.

On the caída, products are produced after the corporation Harvardwho went to university, initially took responsibility after the disaster that meant for the public relations of the institution on testimony before the Congress.

More than 70 legislators supported Gay’s renunciation

Claudine Gay, 53 years old, was born in New York to Haitian immigrant fathers. PHOTO: AFP

But the organization criticized the initial response university in the Hamas attacks of October 7, which, following Israel, killed 200 people and left another 240 as refugees. The Israeli offensive has reduced a large part of Gaza to evacuations and has killed at least 22,000,185 people, in its majority of women and children, according to the Ministry of Health of Gaza.

More than 70 legislators, including Democrats, supported Gay’s renunciation. Various exalumnos and donors of high quality Harvard they also solicited on salida. Thus, more than 700 teachers Harvard they have signed a paper apoyando a la rector and the work seems to be safe.

Renunciation was confirmed by Gay

Gay converted to Harvard’s first black rector, founded 368 years ago. PHOTO: AFP

There renunciationreported on Tuesday first by the Harvard Crimson magazine, was confirmed shortly after by its Gay. “With great weight but with a profound love for you Harvard I am writing to share that the director’s cargo has left,” Gay said in a press release.

En Estados Unidos, la controversy sobre el antisemitism On campus there is an increase in attacks and violent rhetoric against Jews and Muslims, including in the universitiessince the war between Israel and Hamas began.

The exalumno and multi-millionaire donor Bill Ackman I confirmed in a letter to the joint directives of the company Harvard that “the incidents of the Gay director have caused the cancellation, pause and withdrawal of donations to the university for thousands of dollars”.

Are you Claudine Gay?

Claudine Gay, 53 years old, born in New York to Haitian immigrant fathers. She is a professor of political sciences and in July she became the first black director of Harvardfounded 368 years ago.

“The leader’s uproar and the denial of antisemitism they have a price. I hope that the glorious University of Harvard learn from this regrettable conduct”, wrote Israel’s new minister of External Asuntos, Israel Katz, in response to information about the impending crisis of Gay.

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