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Claudia Sheinbaum and the vision of art

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Dra. Claudia Sheinbaum I released a new podcast for 2 weeks, where I mentioned that there would be plenty of surprises and invitations and from the first episode we were surprised with the name of the podcast, we didn’t even have the name. This is due to the fact that he decided to send them to the public that they will choose through a post published on his YouTube channel. This Monday, Sheinbaum played the second episode of his podcast and revealed the name of his favorite celebrity to the audience, so that from now on he will be called “Sheinboom”.

In this second episode, Dra. You are invited to meet her friend, the artist Rodrigo Ímazwhere we mention how art can change lives and how it is immersed in all sides, including where we least imagine it as the fields that include mathematics or those who we believe are completely confused with art.

Rodrigo Ímaz, visual artist

The mother and son relationship

Recién begins the episode with the question “Why do you choose to study art?” As of this moment, Rodrigo must see the relationship he has with his mother, as well as the influence that you have over him for the election of the art as his profession, and in his words, a profession that makes him very happy.

Also, Rodrigo talks about the importance of encouraging young people to feel the need for create and learnwho feel that through art they are creating y transforming. And he noted that it is crucial that fathers support their children in these types of decisions, as well as fostering creative thinking in what one is dedicated to, since creativity is always in force.

Claudia Sheinbaum and her son Rodrigo
Photo: Instagram Claudia Sheinbaum

Upon finalizing the episode and following the bond that both share, Dra. Claudia asked her son if he was happy to become a father, to which he responded in a positive way and redressing her question about whether she was happy to be her abuela, to which she responded emotionally.

What is Sheinboom?

Through these two episodes of the podcastsClaudia Sheinbaum tries to touch on topics of social interest that affect her young people to the social programs that the government offers them and can take advantage of all the opportunities to grow and develop their talent, because they mentioned that their invitees will be people who can also seek out the community to grow and not miss any opportunity.


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