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Clara Brugada: “Young people are the heart of the 4T”

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The pre-candidate of the coalition Morena, PT y PVEM, Clara Brugadathe jefatura of the Government revealed that the young people are the heart of the 4T, as well as the joy and enthusiasm to climb forward, so that the City of Mexico is not going to lose sight of the fact that no young person is excluded from the school system.

Before that, he considered the importance of the country’s capital being an example to recognize what he had done Claudia Sheinbaumwho built as many preparatory schools and universities as possible.

“This is the route to ensure that no young person is excluded or excluded,” he specified.

Accompanying the pre-candidate for the presidency, Brugada Molina dI know that it is necessary to build the second floor of the 4T in the city of Mexico, for this reason, I assure you, that the construction of Utopias is planned, which allows us to toast the new generations with greater growth opportunities.

First of all, the pre-candidate of the coalition Goes to the City of Mexico, Santiago Taboada, he invited the capitals to transform themselves into an aspirational society, with the aim of making them free to fulfill the rights they needed.

“In this city we are aspirational, we aspire to live better, to have greater safety, to have quality public services,” he said.

From the Cuauhtémoc mayor, the pre-candidate was listed for the contest, who confirmed that he had an successful government that can be replicated throughout the capital.

“A lot of the things that I’m talking about in Benito Juárez and the things in Benito Juárez,” he commented.

Asymism, urged to create greater apoyos of life, where to point out that the current government is the least popular life has built.

Later he visited Milpa Alta, a resident who, he admitted, had been forgotten for many years, so he committed himself to signing an agreement with social leaders to fulfill the proposals they had jointly.


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