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Citizens of United States will tend to present VISA to this country in Latin America

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Históricamente los citizens United States have enjoyed certain facilities to visit countries there Latin AmericaHowever, contrary to what happens with people who want to visit the country of North America, common tourists do not need to present any type of VISA to enter countries on the American continent. No matter what, this is about to change in 2024.

Starting from the next black month of 2024, the travelers estadounidenses You cannot travel to Latin America without VISA. This will change thanks to that Brazil you will start requesting a mandatory entry VISA for foreigners proceeding from United States.

The document will be required for foreign tourists. Photo: special.

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Where will current tourists go to Brazil?

The document that Brazil will send to tourists estadounidenses receive the name of Visa Electronics (eVisa) is an indispensable requirement for traveling to the Federal Republic of Brazil. The document will be requested for travellers, Canadians and Australians, to be confirmed by the Brazilian authorities.

The information was confirmed by the Consular Office of the United States State Department. The annex alerted – through its social circles – that tourists who wanted to travel to Brazil they must present the document, as the Brazilian government has established it as a requirement for citizens estadounidenses.

This can be done online. Photo: special.

How to use Visa Electronica?

De acuerdo con las authorities de Brazil, la eVisa Brazil It will be managed completely online, through a series of steps that we share here:

  • Submit your request on the VFS website
  • Pay $80 with a credit or debit fee
  • Download the electronic visa
  • Print the eVisa and present it before the authorities

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