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Cierran demonstrators autopista México-Puebla

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Chaos streets and kilometers of lines are the result of the blockade created by inhabitants of Santa Ana Xalmimilulcoin the Poblano municipality of Huejotzingowho demands the liberation of you from your companions.

The demonstrators were detained hours before, when in a front blockade, the road was blocked by elements of the Policía Estatal people, taken care of with present tests, even made shots in the air.

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The block starts at 6pm on both sides of the street autopistathe site of the resolution of the protest that local residents protested against the construction of a new rain collector.

In this first discussion, you are elements of the State Police resulted heridoswhile four men and three women, reported as citizens of Xalmimilulco, were handed over and transferred to the Huejotzingo Police offices.

Repart the pan and café to those affected by the block

More than five hours later I got stuck on the highway Mexico-Pueblasome of the residents of Santa Ana Xalmimilulco offered coffee and bread to the drivers who came out for their protest.

The rows provoked at the height of the 99 kilometer the road takes you several kilometres. Some of the drivers who enter the place have expressed their discomfort through messages in social circles.

“We are here looking for it circulation of the Mexico-Puebla and Puebla-Mexico highway due to the situation in which you are detained, for which there is no argument for detaining them. In the first place, no son drug traffickersthey are not idiots of any nature.

“Ahorita el pueblo está indignant, so you don’t know what they’re going to do with him. At the moment we took more than four hours and the media taped the alternate streets and we didn’t have any response”, reported an inhabitant to a journalist of a local media.

The block remains on the site, despite all the elements of the site summer security and people stay in their positions.

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