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Cierran autopista México-Toluca por obras del Tren Interurbano

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This morning, December 20th, the Mexico-Toluca highway will close due to the work of the Tren “El Insurgente” or Interurban train from the beginning of the journey from La Marquesa to the La Venta house, so I informed the Secretaría de Obras y Servicios de la Ciudad de Méxicovia his account of X (before Twitter).

This road will tend to affect both feelings starting from 8.00 pm until December 21st until 4.00 pm, which is why the authorities recommend traveling on the federal road. Wait for the moment Tren Insurgente It only operates through four stations, Zinacantepec, Toluca Centro, Metepec and Lerma.

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When will the train “El Insurgente” list?

The president has passed for one month Andrés Manuel López Obrador There was a round of work through the State of Mexico where it was decided to inaugurate this transport medium that would provide service from Toluca, State of Mexico, to the Terminal Observatory This is before the climax of sex.

AMLO promised to dejar “El Insurgente” working before this term on mandate. PHOTO: CUARTOSCURO

Therefore, it is hoped that “El Insurgente” will be listed in the civil service for December 2023, so it is calculated that the operations will begin during the first quarter of 2024, this transport medium will connect to the Mexican population with the capitals This is due to the fact that three of its stations are located within the city of Mexico.

These are the stations of “El Insurgente”:

  • Observatory
  • Vasco de Quiroga
  • Santa Fe
  • Lerma
  • Technological
  • Pino Suarez
  • Zinacantepec

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