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CIA secret office has recovered UFOs during decades all over the world revealed source

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As the whole world has thought about it at some point… we are not alone in the universe. The British diary “Daily Mail“It revealed that a secret office of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been coordinating the recovery of destroyed objects throughout the world for decades.

Detailed that one of your sources, who have low conditions of anonymity, confirmed to you that the governance of United States he recovered to the least new relatives “ships no humans”, specifying that some of them have suffered accidents such as impacts and others completely intact.

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United states have captured various extraterrestrials, reveal exoficial of the Air Force

The government of United States has recovered to the minus 9 “ships no humans”.
Photo: Freepik

Other than his sources he made sure that the Global Access Office (OGA) of the agency, which is a wing of the Direction of Science and Technology It has been the key since 2003 in this topic, we can be responsible for coordinating the recovery so that it can be carried out in a secret and effective manner.

The CIA has a system to distinguish everything

De acuerdo a los relatos de los entrevistados, la CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY It has a high technology system that can be located UFOs that they are still hidden, and that if this ship is struck, whether it lands or lands on Earth, they send special military units to try to recover the ship or, in case, the remains of it.

I specified that OGA It is also what allows the US military to secretly access areas of the world’s leaders where they would normally be denied to take charge of these operations without any political imposition or conflict with other nations of the world.

Members of the SEAL team confirm recovery of the UFO.
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My SEAL team member confirms recovery of the bird

A former member of the team SEAL He confirmed to them in the diary that they were in operations to recover enemy weapons, but they knew colleagues who had been in operations there that recovered very advanced technology, although not necessarily outside this world.

Among the people interviewed for this report, make sure that it 24th Special Tactical Squadron of the Special Air Force Commandbased at Pope Field Army Air Base in North Carolina, was also involved in the recovery of UFOs.

It confirmed the recovery of “non-human ships”, but not of extraterrestrial persons.
Photo: Freepik

Is the recovery of birds a well-kept secret?

The intense security and secrecy with which it is implemented CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY so that the people involved in these programs do not have to know that they are dealing with non-human ships which prevents them from having an official version of these operationsHowever, since the entire society could suffer a collective panic if they are forced to inform themselves that there are entities from other worlds that visit the planet Earth with unknown intentions.

“The current society is eager to learn about technologies of unknown origins,” declared one current legislator in July. PHOTO: Special

“The current society wants to learn about technologies of unknown origins, intelligence no humana y phenomena inexplicables”, said Chuck Schumer, mayoral leader of the Senate of the United States in a press release from July 2015 announcing this issue that is expected to be heard in the House of Representatives, which would allow declassification of archives that are being disclosed important information above extraterrestrial life in the world.

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