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Christopher was born all his life in Jalisco, disappeared with his “Jumbo” dog last month

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The wait is over for the family Christopher Arat Valerio Rodríguez, the youngest of three years old who was reported missing on Monday 11 December, once the authorities of the municipality of Atejamac de Brizuela, Jaliscothey greeted the child’s body in the La Taberna arroyo, close to their home.

The place of the hallazgo It is located in a sunny area where you can walk along a small path to a mountain, where the brands of Christopher’s shoes were displayed as well as the color of his mascot “Dumbo”, a perrito who accompanied him everywhere partes.

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“Habrá que investigate” su muerte, the name of Christopher’s family

Christopher’s body was met by the past miracles in the La Taberna arroyo, looking for his home. PHOTO: Special

Transfer the hallazgo of the body Christopher local authorities ensure that the line of investigation is one accidentHowever, the younger family is assured that they will try to thoroughly investigate the reason that led the child to lose his life while walking in this area close to his home.

“Hay que investigate that it was true that anyone who knew it was lost, because there were several days without knowing anything about it and it was sought in the first place (the place where the body was encountered)”, he assured in an interview with Azteca Noticias María del Rosario Valerio , hermana del menor.

Photographs of the minor are as collected at home. PHOTO: Captura de pantalla

“What we commented on was that he fell, he slipped like a cliff, from which he had a lagoon of water underneath and what happened was that he landed,” he declared.

The accident is the main line of investigation into the death of the minor

For example, Oswaldo Hernández, municipal police Atejamac de Brizuelahe indicated to the television that the body of Christopher I was drawn to the bottom: “It was in the water to the bottom. Apparently there was no color in it.” violence. He walked frequently here; so it’s 10 kilometers with your dad,” she said.

Christopher only travels the same route frequently. PHOTO: Special

In an adobe house in the El Zanjón colony, up family I hoped to see that the body of the smallest of you hijos would be veiled until late. The photos of the bautizo de Christopher, a veil and its games is what has been stored in your memory. Her disappearance was the only case, at least in the last year, reported in Atemajac de Brizuela.

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