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Chofer of a trailer if it resists the attack, grabs a helmet and can help the thief

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The video of a man resisting an assault on the road Córdoba-Cosamaloapan de Veracruz started to go viral there resistance of the man transport the steering wheel. Users shared, commented and replayed the scene that seemed to be part of a political program due to the incredible nature of the case, however they complained about the violence that exists on the roads of the territory.

In the video you can see what the message is suffered for one of his twenty and I start throwing amenazas so that the chofer abandons the trailer. The second step is open the door of the co-pilot, luego le point directly with the weapon, but the driver doesn’t seem to want to leave the cabin.

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They attack a trailer in Veracruz, but he resists and everything catches him on the security camera

The speaker is quiet, calling by cell phone during traffic. Credit: Twitter @reportajever

De ready receive a cachazobut it remains immobile in its surroundings, once it begins excurrir la sangre for the dear, and disoriented light, but it is not quiet from its asiento. During a couple of times he plays with the matarlo, but hey a lot of trafficother wagons and drivers of trailer alrededor, why it does not seem like a viable option.

“The card and put a rat on your face, the cell, give me your cell, open or you’re going to die on your side, move from here, move the hijo of your mother”, they are some of the gritti people who it can be identified in the sharp voice of the man who perceives the crime and the attacks.

Chofer of a trailer in Veracruz receives a cachazo in the head, but can’t help the thief

The chofer was assisted by the authorities. Credit: Twitter @reportajever

The ending of the video is a par de amenazas more, but finally if he laughs, if he gets behind the trailer and says “I don’t want to give it to you”. She doesn’t know that the man at the wheel also abandoned the wagon, but on the driver’s side. The video is short a couple of seconds later.

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Middle locals assured that the señor was transferred to a hospital they are looking for emergency services; además, he was assisted by the encumbrances of Caminos and Puentes Federales de Ingresos y Servicios Conexos (Capufe), and of the Guardia Nacional Carreteras. At the moment there is no person detained for the success, and the chofer’s state of health is unknown.

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