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China ensures that there are no reasons to worry about newly born children.

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China I ensured today that “there are no reasons to worry” for the growing brother of infections respiratory systems that occur in Asian countries and which, according to Pekin, are due to “known pathogens”. u Wang Wenbin reported today in a news outlet that the Chinese authorities “have maintained communication with the World Health Organization” regarding the situation there China.

“I can ensure that I travel and do business there China It is safe, and there is no reason to worry”, I will keep the voice of the cancellation, which previously had declined to refer to this topic and would have been restricted to the journalists and the relevant health bodies.

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What happens in China before the criticism of respiratory illnesses and pneumonia in children?

Officials who were responsible for monitoring and detecting pathogenic agents

The WHO provided China with detailed information on the recent increase in cases of respiratory diseases and childhood pneumonia cases. PHOTO: Special

Representatives of the China Health Commission held a video conference meeting with officials of the World Health Organization last week (WHO) in which the chinos officials explained the surveillance data and detection of the pathogenic agents causing the illnesses respiratoryas well as diagnostic and treatment protocols.

The notification will be produced after that WHO pita a China Detailed information regarding the recent increase in cases of respiratory illnesses and childhood pneumonia.

What is the reason for the burden of respiratory illnesses in China?

According to the China Health Commission, the baby is owed to “known pathogens”. PHOTO: Special

According to the Commission, the baby owes itself to “known pathogens”, as gripe summer, including rhinovirus, mycoplasma pneumoniae, virus respiratory sincitial and adenovirus, and will peak in one or two weeks, in consultation with local experts. The Chinese authorities began last week to strengthen primary care and coordination between hospitals to address the increase in cases of infections respiratory.

The body issued these recommendations after the Chinese health authorities informed of an increase in the incidence of illnesses respiratory in the country, something that was attributed in part to the relief of preventive medicines against the Covid-19 at the end of this year.

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