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Chile in state of emergency due to mega forest fire in Valparaíso

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Carabineros de Chile they informed about the description of the elements in the region Valparaiso through the spread of various forest fires. The staff headed to the sector of Olivar para redeem the people and mascots that come into the area are caught by the fire and the humidity that reigns in the area.

At the same time, the president of the Regional Medical College, Luis Ignacio Da Latorre, has to know that the municipality of Viña del Mar It habilitates hotels and food centers, where they will receive donations to support the affected.

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Gabriel Boric decrees disaster by fire in Valparaíso

The president Gabriel Boric He decreed on February 2nd the state of exception for disasters in Valparaíso, and organized the meeting of the national COGRID for the medicine of February 3rd. Así mismo, el Government of Chile I called the citizens to pay special attention to the evacuation requests in the central and northern areas of the country.

“We decided to launch the COGRID at 1230 am. The situation of forest fires especially in the 5th region is very difficult due to the temperatures and winds, but despite the fact that we are with Government, Bombers, CONAF, Carabinieri and civil society deployed to the maximum of the capabilities to deal with the emergency”, shared by the agent.

Senapred declared that the fire had spread to more than 800 hectares, with red warnings in the regions of Valparaíso, O’higgins and Maule. Likewise, the population is urged to avoid the affected areas and take steps to the avenues to facilitate the circulation of the emergency teams.

Chilean Health Ministry issues recommendations before the presence of humanity

Ante la crisis de fires forestales en Chilethe Ministerio of Greetings shared in its social circles a series of recommendations to minimize risks and safeguard the integrity of families, especially those located in the Valparaíso area.


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