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Children, the main victims of the conflict in the Middle East

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At least 124 Palestinian children and six Israelis they were asesinados in what goes of the year West Bank occupied and Jerusalén this, a figure without precedents and that convierte a 2023 is the deadliest year for childhoodreported ayer la Unicef.

“In the last 12 weeks, 83 boys and girls have been safe, more than double all the boys and girls in 2022, amid an increase in military and police operations (of Israel),” he said. the regional director of Unicef ​​for the Near East, Adele Khodr.

“While the world gazes with horror at the situation in the Gaza Strip, the children of the West Bank are living on their own,” he said.

Meanwhile, a video circulating in the social circles shows various men and at least two Palestinian children detained and stripped naked by them Defense Forces of Israel (FDI) in a stadium in northern Gaza.

CNN recently stated that they must contact the FDI to obtain information about the video, but without reply.

En tanto, el Israeli Army no God truce in his implacable offensive against the movement Palestinian Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip, where “the darkness and desperation” worsened, according to the UN, for more than two months and in the middle of the war.

Israel said it was deploying an additional battle in Jan Yunis, the hometown of Yahya Sinwar, Hamas leader in Gaza.
Bombardments were reported in this location in the south of the Palestinian enclave, where part of the 1.9 million civilians displaced by the war is concentrated.

The bombers left at less than 10 deaths in search of the Al Amal hospital in the city, following the Media Luna Roja Palestina. Search for 14 million people to take refuge in this area.

In total, 21 million 320 people, the majority of young women and men, have died in Gaza, followed by Hamas.

Israel has promised to maintain its offensive to destroy Hamas in response to its bloody attack on October 7, which resulted in one thousand 200 deaths, in its major civilians.


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